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Global Access – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Global access makes it easy for you to operate internationally.

Abbotsford’s strategic location, 45 minutes from Canada’s Pacific coast, places us at the commercial crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America. We are close to key markets and duty-free access to the US and Mexico.

Businesses using Vancouver ports take advantage of one of the shortest sea routes from Asia to North America. These routes are seamlessly connected to all major US economic centres by secure, reliable road and rail networks.

Abbotsford is beside the US border at Washington State, with two border crossings for easy transportation of goods.

The city has rail access to CN, CP and Southern Railway.

The Abbotsford international airport (YXX) is a prime access asset, with 114,528 aircraft movements per year, 500,000 passengers, and 215 acres of land immediately available for airside and groundside development.

Open Trade Agreements - City of Abbotsford Economic Development

Trade Agreements

Canada has one of the world’s most open trading economies, and our businesses benefit from international trade agreements. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) means businesses here qualify for duty-free access to Mexico and the United States. Other free trade agreements in force include: European Free Trade Association (CETA), Canada – Korea (CKFTA), and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Investment Opportunities with City of Abbotsford Economic Development

Investment Opportunities

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada has one of North America’s most competitive, flexible, and supportive business climates. Our city offers investment opportunities in many industry sectors. It has one of the most diverse economies in Canada, with room to grow. Some of the key opportunities are in agriculture, aerospace, transportation and logistics, along with film and digital media.

Such a diversified economy offers forward-thinkers opportunities for growth and investment.

Abbotsford welcomes your business investment.

Low Business Costs in Abbotsford, BC Canada

Low Business Costs

Low operating costs contribute to an outstanding business climate. Compared to similar locations in North America, the cost of doing business in Abbotsford is low. Our corporate income tax rates and the cost of labour, power and facilities give companies a competitive edge.

We have competitive mill rates. The commercial to residential tax ratio is a low 2.45, compared to that of 4.32 in nearby Vancouver.

Related Resources & Tools CAED

Related Resources & Tools

It’s not just us at CAED who rave about investing in this beautiful province. See these publications and organizations for more information on investing in British Columbia.

Invest In Canada
Visit this federal government website. It’s got information and resources for international investors looking to invest in Canada.

Industry Canada
See this federal government website for information and resources about doing business in Canada.

Check out Advantage BC. It’s a non-profit organization that provides information for international businesses about tax incentives and doing business here.

Low taxes in City of Abbotsford

Low Taxes

When you bring your business to Abbotsford you benefit from one of the lowest corporate income tax rates among G7 nations. Your employees benefit from the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for individuals earning up to $121,000.

Learn more about British Columbia’s low taxes.

The province consistently receives AAA credit ratings. Our vast resources, low taxes, stable well-regulated financial system and fiscally responsible government attract investment from around the world. We don’t mean to brag, we just want to report the facts. If you think it’s time to make things happen, call us at 604.864.5586 or complete our online form.

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There’s never been a better time to move your business to Abbotsford. The conference board of Canada is predicting a 3.2% grow this year for our community! Let us help you find a new home for your business.

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CAED will:

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  • Help you with finding your best site selection.
  • Arrange for you to tour the sites that you’ve selected.
  • Arrange the most appropriate meetings and connections with all the right people inside and outside our City Hall.
  • We will liaise with our planning, engineering and business licencing folks to help make your vision a reality. We will help you by setting up a DIM (development information meeting) if needed with all of these folks, this will get your project off to a flying start.

Visit Development Inquiry Meetings at the City of Abbotsford for more information.

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