Tax Incentives

Prepare yourself as we use some bad words. Tax. Taxes. You must pay taxes. There, we said them all, and we gave fair warning. Now that’s out of the way we have some really good words to balance things out. Tax credits. Tax exemptions. Tax deductions. Don’t you feel better now?

CAED is on good terms with the tax man, and has worked hard with them to offer some terrific incentives. We know that reducing the amount of tax your business pays will save you money. And these savings will allow you to re-invest in your business and keep it growing. The City of Abbotsford loves to see our companies prosper and aims to:

  1. create economic stimulus to encourage development and investment on our land;
  2. create additional permanent jobs in the community, so residents don’t need to commute outside the city;
  3. expand the local property tax base;
  4. promote environmental objectives, green projects, energy efficiency, use of public transit and alternate commuting modes, plus the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Current revitalization tax exemption bylaws offered in Abbotsford:

Download Strategic Plan for City of AbbotsfordADBA Revitalization Tax Exemption Application Form
ADBA Revitalization Tax Exemption: the city established a revitalization tax exemption program for the purpose of encouraging revitalization of the Historic Downtown Area.

Procedures and eligibility requirements differ between revitalization areas. Refer to the official bylaw for all the rules and regulations applicable to the revitalization area in which the property is located, or call us for help since that will be a lot easier. We’re at 604.864.5586.

Business Incentives - Abbotsford
Business incentives to invest, develop and settle in Abbotsford are abundant. Our provincial tax credits, exemptions and deductions help businesses invest, innovate and thrive.

The city’s commitment to promote economic growth has built a vibrant and stable business environment. Our business and tax incentives offer forward-thinking companies who seek to invest, innovate and expand a welcome financial boost. We remain among the best places in North America to invest.

Abbotsford is where business belongs. We have a lot to discuss, so call 604.864.5586 or complete our online form.