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An Individual Invite from Abby’s Mayor,

“We know that today’s labour market is rapidly changing and so is the workforce. New opportunities are constantly arising, and whether you’re a business or job seeker, we would like to connect you with these opportunities.

On April 5th, I invite you to attend the Fraser Valley Career Connections & Conference at the Tradex in Abbotsford. We’re calling the event, “Tomorrow’s Jobs Today”, and it’s designed to provide vital information to local employers, businesses and job seekers.

From information about job grants for businesses, to learning how to create great resumes, to on-the- spot and even virtual interviews, this unique event connects diverse businesses from across the Fraser Valley with keen workers, eager to build their skills.

Plan a successful future today by signing up to attend the Fraser Valley Career Connections Conference…

Mayor Henry Braun

City of Abbotsford Economic Development - CAED

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Fraser Valley Career Connections and Conference

The FV, or Fraser Valley, is a place of opportunity! It’s our best kept secret, but now we want to share it with everyone. With a booming economy, a young and diverse population and an abundance of business resources, we are becoming an industry leader and economic innovator. But, with the fast pace of change, the workforce is always evolving, and so is the labour market. That means many new opportunities for businesses and workers, but sometimes they need a little help connecting with one another.

That’s why the Fraser Valley Career Connections and Conference (FVCCC) was created, to address the urgent labour demands in our region. We want to bring talented job seekers together with local employers, to showcase the various business gems that reside within our communities, and the exciting opportunities that are sure to be tomorrow’s success stories!


Keynote Speaker | City of Abbotsford Career Fair 2018

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Kelly Lovell is a 14-time award-winning entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower the world. And she does this by continuously striving to develop opportunities for individuals and organizations. She wants people to achieve their greatest potential, and she has a great understanding of how to mobilize and motivate people. Most importantly, she knows what is required to become a success in today’s constantly changing market. She’s also known for being a Social Entrepreneur, a Media Producer, Youth Mobilizer, and a Marketing & Consumer Engagement Consultant. Come meet this multi-talented mentor and entrepreneurial adviser and walk away inspired!

Finding the Future of Business in Abbotsford
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Keynote’s Speaking Topic

The job market is changing and so are job seekers. 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years, and demand for personalized job ‘experiences’ is becoming greater. Young job seekers are no longer focused on dollars. What they want is an opportunity to grow, along with a vibrant work community whose culture and ethos match their own.

Retaining skilled employees is becoming harder and harder, as Millennials will not hesitate to leave if they do not feel ‘at home’, or engaged, in an organisation. Yet, this demographic is crucial to the future of our workforce. So, how do you attract them? Better yet, how do you keep them?

As management has found, the old way of doing business no longer works. Young employees often don’t respond to traditional communication and training methods. So, how can you respond to these shifting values and new workplace demands in a way that is efficient and cost-effective?

What you need is a deeper understanding of millennial employees. In our sessions, participants will learn the common drivers of millennial workers. Things like: what they seek in a workplace culture, and more importantly, the reasons why they choose to leave.

Using data-driven insights, we will illustrate workplace shifts and what future employee engagement will look like. We will also delve into two very important aspects that are of interest to modern job seekers: social responsibility and future skills development. We will highlight these points with industry examples and case studies that will demonstrate how to apply these practices. Employers will also leave with tangible steps to improve their own workplace cultures, so they can better attract today’s talent and keep them engaged.

City of Abbotsford Economic Development - CAED

For more speakers and session information click here.


City of Abbotsford Economic Development - CAED

To see a list of exhibitors and to “meet” a potential future employer,


City of Abbotsford Economic Development - CAED

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City of Abbotsford Economic Development - CAED

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