Download Press Release about Abbotsford's U DistrictUDistrict Press Release
The UDistrict Project is a joint effort between the City of Abbotsford and the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). This is a rare opportunity to shape the future of an important neighbourhood in a growing part of the Lower Mainland and the province.

Today, approximately 12,400 students and 1,200 employees attend school or work at UFV’s Abbotsford campus. The number of students and employees on campus is expected to continue to grow and be accompanied by significant growth of commercial, research, and University activity. The surrounding UDistrict neighbourhood is also expected to grow from its current population of 2,000 residents.
The 2012 UDistrict Vision provided a long-term conceptual illustration of future development for approximately 365 acres around UFV. The intent of the vision was to support the long-term growth and diversification of UFV, capitalize on nearby public investments, and develop a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood within a transit-oriented, walkable, and “green” built form. The partnership between the city and UFV will now create a plan for the UDistrict neighbourhood plus a campus plan for the university. The UDistrict Neighbourhood Plan will provide a detailed roadmap for future development in the area while the campus plan will give clear long-term direction to how the university can grow with the community.

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