What We Do

The City of Abbotsford Economic Development, (CAED), serves Abbotsford businesses, and attracts new ones. Think of us as ambassadors for economic growth and business development, (except without the diplomatic immunity or chauffeur-driven limos). We assist with expansion plans and offer programs to help grow businesses. We attract new investment and companies to our thriving city. We highlight the incredible talent in Abbotsford and the quality of life that turns visitors into residents. We collaborate with industry associations and economic development partners to solve regional issues. CAED sees the big picture; we know how this city is flourishing. By using tomorrow’s thinking today, we help businesses grow and take advantage of Abbotsford’s unique assets. Our goal is to become a global business destination. How can we serve you?

Services include:

  1. Business Development Consultations: Talk to us, we’ll listen. Our tailored assistance can grow your business to where you know it can be.
  2. Get Going: We reach out to our wide network and gather the contacts, industry knowledge, and expertise you need to get your business started.
  3. Details, Details: We can help shed light on the things you are unaware of but need to know, and the critical fine points such as regulations, permits, taxes and costs. Visit our Economic Dashboard for more information.
  4. Come for a Tour: Let us show you around Abbotsford’s available sites, local facilities and introduce you to some of our prized local leaders.
  5. Connectors OR Conduits: We can introduce you to suppliers, local legal eagles, top realtors, tax pros and various government agencies.
  6. Marketing Toolkit: We can support you by providing tools to strategize, plan and execute marketing activities. Learn more about our marketing toolkit for small businesses.
  7. Government Incentives and Support: Canada is a great place, and nowhere is it better than in beautiful BC. Our federal, provincial and local governments offer a range of incentives and support programs to make your business as proud and free as this big country.

Take our snapshot survey; five easy questions that will help us help you. Or pick up the phone and ring us at 604.864.5586.

Current Initiatives

At CAED, we’ve always got something on the go. We stay current, work hard and keep open minds. That helps us facilitate economic development, innovation and support our local companies. Here is a sample of what we are working on:

Business Walks Week

Check out the report from Abbotsford inaugural Business Walks Week.

Download Press Release about Abbotsford's U District
Download Press Release about Abbotsford's U District

Visit CAED TV on our Newsroom & Media page for video on Business Walks or go to our YouTube Channel.

International Marketing Strategy

International development is key in today’s global village. The Economic Development department is fortunate to work with Development Counsellors International (DCI) to build a comprehensive international marketing strategy for Abbotsford. DCI is a leader in location marketing, economic development and tourism marketing, with offices in New York, Denver, Los Angeles and Toronto. Our project will kick-off on August 1st and complete on November 30th when DCI will connect with our internal and external stakeholder members. Find out more about this international development plan and how you can help us gain global domination at Development Counsellors International (DCI).

Our comprehensive international marketing strategy will guide Abbotsford’s international marketing activities. It will build jobs in Abbotsford, create economic growth and development and stimulate business growth. This will:

  • Create an inventory of the city’s key international competitive assets.
  • Recommend innovative strategies and actions to take full advantage of these assets.
  • Analyze existing issues and impediments to international development.
  • Recommend specific strategies and actions to address these issues.
  • Analyze opportunities and challenges Abbotsford faces from an international marketing perspective.
  • Offer specific recommendations to improve Abbotsford’s competitiveness.
  • Fulfill our economic development goal to become a global business destination.